Radim Malinic announces upcoming launch of two new books designed to inspire and empower fellow creatives

‘Creativity For Sale’ and ‘Mindful Creative’ will officially debut on October 24, 2023, and will be available at major book retailers around the world

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, OCTOBER 6, 2023 - Creative director and bestselling author Radim Malinic has announced the upcoming debut of two new books, ‘Creativity for Sale’ and ‘Mindful Creative’. Both books are designed to help creatives get the most from their work and life while offering practical blueprints for success. 

Malinic is a creative director, designer, and bestselling author; he’s also at the helm of South West London-based Brand Nu Studio and Brand Nu Books. He has built his businesses over a span of two decades and has worked diligently to help other creatives forge successful paths in their fields, including a series of books to inspire and empower creative excellence focused on self-development.

Book of Branding’ and ‘Book of Ideas’ have received hundreds of 5-star reviews and bestselling status numerous times. These have become go-to resources for entrepreneurs, visual designers, brand creators, and anyone forging ahead in the world of creative direction. 
Malinic’s newest titles are carefully curated guides designed to inspire and empower creatives, and he considers them to be his most ambitious and important pieces of works. Both titles are being featured in launch events and features around the world, including OFFF Festival in Tel Aviv, DesignThinkers in Toronto, and launch event at D&AD in London. 

‘Creativity For Sale’ is a how-to guide showing artists, writers, designers, and other creatives how to ignite successful creative careers and businesses. Malinic inspires readers to pursue their creativity and offers strategies for building and amplifying their brands while providing powerful tools for meaningful growth. 
‘Mindful Creative’ is a roadmap demonstrating how to analyse and cope with the peaks and troughs of creative life, career, and business. This title lets creatives take a meaningful pause and reflect on building positive habits, focusing on mindfulness, and much more. Readers benefit from some of Malinic’s hard-learned lessons, and he passes along wisdom that has changed his career and life. 

Both books will make their official debut at all major retailers around the world on October 24, 2023, with copies available on shelves and online. Readers can pre-order paperback, Kindle, and audiobook editions of each title right now.

Printed by Park Communications in London England, only using 100% offshore wind electricity sourced from UK wind. 100% of the inks used are vegetable oil based, 95% of press chemicals are recycled for further use and, on average 99% of any waste associated with this production is recycled. Printed on paper made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources. All books are also certified climate neutral print product for which carbon emissions have been calculated and offset by supporting recognised carbon offset projects.

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Radim Malinic is the creative director and designer at the helm of award-winning branding and creative studio Brand Nu Studio and the independent publishing firm Brand Nu Books. Radim’s mantra is “Learn, Do, Share”, and this philosophy has led him to become a bestselling author of titles including ‘Book of Branding’ and ‘Book of Ideas’. 


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